We are BT Arquitectos

The essence of our multiple projects, involving both architectural designs as well as interior design, lies in improving our surroundings and quality of life.   Thus, Bettis and Tarazi’s projects are known for meeting international quality standards and having a contemporary style that stands out due to its form and function.

BT Arquitectos is a full-service firm, catering to all our clients’ needs. We orient and support you throughout the whole process.

Architecture in Panama

The development of construction (architecture) in Panama has experienced an extraordinary growth that can be compared to any real estate boom in other regions, but with the difference that it has been sustained over a long period, which translates into security in the sector that has allowed this phenomenon to be constant and at the same time placing Panama within the map of investors from different continents.

Creating architecture in Panama for BT Arquitectos becomes a creative process that must face a plurality of challenges before and during the development of each project. Based on the geographical situation, establish the strategies necessary to interpret the environment and draw the lines of design that generate an architectural response that is in accordance with the climatic conditions of our country.


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At BT Arquitectos, we are committed to quality

In 2010, BT ARQUITECTOS, S.A. obtained ISO 9001 certification for its quality management system. This valuable asset not only shows the achievements and commitment to continuous improvement, but it also guarantees excellence and compliance with the client’s requirements, and with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

The scope of ISO 9001: 2015 certification includes the activities of:

• Architectural designs.
• Interior design.
• Project management.
• Graphic design.