PLAZA 2000

Architecture / Commercial and Corporate

Torre 2000 is conceived as a facade renovation project for a building built more than two decades ago on Calle Nicanor de Obarrio, Calle 50. The initial objective of the work consists of the remodeling or change of the main facades, especially on the levels . lower.
This intervention responds to the intention to renew the façade architecture towards the avenues that adjoin the project, in one of the most important road and pedestrian intersections in the center of Panama City. Based on an analysis of the uses proposed by the client for the interior areas, a series of design strategies are defined, establishing different areas of facades with different treatments of both volumes and textures.

“Architecture, in addition to being a profession and a vocation, is a great responsibility.”

David Bettis

The areas to intervene correspond to the main facades of the ground floor, upper floor and level 200 of the building; Each of these contains very different uses. On the ground floor, a mostly glass enclosure is maintained for the development of commercial premises at street level.