Interior Design / Luxury Living

We were presented with a project that consists of the design of all the interior spaces of an apartment of 530m2, located in Paitilla, Panama City. We start from the redistribution of different areas with emphasis on the living room, dining room, study / breakfast area, closets, kitchen, kitchen of pesach and master bedroom; The biggest challenge was found in the kitchens, since the client emphasized the importance of the breadth of these spaces.

“I believe that design and architecture are a natural part of every human being.”

Teofilo Tarazi

Subsequently, the main floor and wall cladding of the apartment was chosen with the client, choosing a marble type porcelain with cream, gray, golden and additional finishes, wood finishes were included to add qualities to the apartment.

Likewise, the client asked us for a style of elegant and sober furniture, where the textiles were based on light gray tones, creams, prints, some darker accents and wood tones.