Architecture / Mixed Use

Sortis Hotel, Casino & Spa is located in Panama City´s financial district, where fast economic growth and the visit of thousands of tourists are increasing. This building merges multiple trends such as architecture, fashion, technology and culture, all in one project. 

The hotel presented a challenge due to the magnitude of the design -an area of approximately 117,263 square meters- and also because of the diversity of uses which required a coordinated multidisciplinary team during the whole process.

The interior design of Sortis seeks to grant visitors a dynamic experience that goes from luxury and elegance to comfort and warmth, creating a vibrant environment full of energy for global and local visitors. 

The word Sortis comes from the Latin sors, which means randomness, luck or destiny. Thus the concept takes form in the symbol of the four-leaf clover, which represents the brand’s identity. The clover symbol is used as a design element for decorative patterns, walls, fabrics, and it is present in the lobby, casino, and restaurants. The bedrooms are decorated with custom-made rug designs using this symbol.

“Good architecture lasts over time. The spaces must be highly functional, versatile and adaptable to the needs of our clients.”

David Bettis