Interior Design / Corporate

The design of Monjasa’s first offices in Panama was carried out. Due to their continuous growth, they decided to expand their facilities by renting a new floor of 1143.05m2.
One of the key requirements for this expansion was the creation of an internal staircase that connected both floors while maintaining the same aesthetic and atmosphere that characterized the existing offices. As a solution, a linear staircase was designed to link the new floor, designated for workstations, a cafeteria, the main meeting room, and lockers. Additionally, a kitchenette was incorporated into the original office, and the recreation area was expanded, thus unifying the cafeteria on a single level.

The overall office design retains a sober style, distinguished by a dark-toned carpet and light gray micro-cement walls, adding warmth through the use of walnut wood furniture. On the other hand, the cafeteria and the main meeting room stand out for their more welcoming atmosphere, with wood paneling on most walls, combined with carpets and vinyl in light gray tones.
In addition, acoustic solutions were implemented to ensure the comfort of the staff.

“First concept, then design”

Teofilo Tarazi