Architecture / Residential

Yoo Panama is a luxury residential project located at Balboa Avenue, a spectacular strip that borders the sea which offers magnificent views of the bay and Panama City. Conveniently located walking distance of the main recreation centers and the business district. 

Yoopanama is one of the most ambitious real estate projects built in Panama. With its´ 78 levels is one of the tallest buildings of Central America and surely one of the most luxurious and sophisticated in the world. As the dimension of this tower is the trust their promoters have demonstrated in Panama, we are pleased to see the results, we have a world-class building.

“Architecture, in addition to being a profession and a vocation, is a great responsibility.”

David Bettis

The project consists of two towers called Arts and Yoo, each separated by service corridors. The first tower “Arts” comprises 234 condominiums and 56 levels, all apartments facing Balboa Avenue. While Yoo tower presents 52 levels and 275 condominiums, it also offers apartments with the bay and the city views.