Architecture / Industrial and Institutional

The project is positioned in one of the New Growth Zones of Panama City. The project is developed in two polygons; the first has 14 HA + 7,834,7117 m2 and the second with 26 HA + 2,047.64 m2. Both constitute a total of 40 HA + 9,806,6192 m2. 

The storage units are located in batches ranging from 360.00 m2 to 1,290.00 m2 and according to availability some will have mezzanines at a height of 4.50 m above ground level. According to its frontal dimension the storage units will have 1 or 2 roller doors, wide main access and a wall for location of signs of each company or user.

“Great architecture is timeless. It should feel right as soon as you see it”.

David Bettis

The project Zona Sur has road infrastructure according to standards of the Ministerio de Obras Públicas in Panama. The Road Circulation has the width suitable for the movement of all types of trucks, and also has roundabouts distributed along the main axes for better organization of the vehicular flow. This road insfrastructure has all the signs established in the specifications of the Transit Authority.