Architecture / Residential

The project consists of a residence of 3000 square meters including the social area of the project. The residence is distributed on the ground floor with rooms, terraces, kitchen laundry area , maid’s room, boyd house, green areas, parking ,two levels of rooms and playroom for children.

The basic concept of Casa Hafeitz can be described as a unique image: a first floor with two free parallel volumes with large sliding glass doors that support a higher volume.

The old Hafeitz residence lay a tree with great foliage which the family wanted to keep; this gave rise to a challenge of great magnitude, since an attractive social area had to be resolved taking into account the tree as the center of design.

“Tailored living breathes life into your home. It should resonate with your emotions, delight your senses, and embrace both functionality and beauty, creating a haven for you and your family to enjoy.”

Teofilo Tarazi