Architecture / Commercial and Corporate

Commercial building with offices and parking lots in a lot of 7,263,9246 m2. The proposed project consists of a ground floor with mezzanine, NIV100 with commercial premises, NIV 200 of parking lots, NIV 300 to NIV 600 for the use of offices plus parking lots, NIV700 parking lots and NIV 800 of roofed parking with roof. As for the subject of road and transport, the concept of the commercial and office center includes 495 large parking lots distributed from ground floor to NIV 800, which translates into a parking space every 31 m2 for offices and commercial premises.

Double height premises with mezzanine, 2 levels of food court with terrace for restaurants and cafes, high speed elevators, external escalators, controlled accesses, electric plant, water reserve tank, cooling tower air conditioning system, located in main way, great visibility, attractive and innovative design.

“Any type of place that one can imagine requires design and requires architecture.”

Teofilo Tarazi