Architecture / Residential

For this project, BT was entrusted with the design and development of construction plans for a weekend house on a 3,697.17 square meter plot of land in one of the fastest growing areas of Playa in the province of Coclé, Santa Clara. The property is located a few meters from a very important beach in the region, at a relatively high point with a view of the mountain and at a second high point with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

“Tailored living breathes life into your home. It should resonate with your emotions, delight your senses, and embrace both functionality and beauty, creating a haven for you and your family to enjoy.”

Teofilo Tarazi

The challenge of the project was to integrate, fluidly and in a single building, a large number of rooms and extensive common spaces with open spaces and green areas. Large spaces, perfect for family life, should prevail.