Interior Design / Luxury Living

The starting point for the implementation of the house was the shape of the lot, since it opens towards the back. The residence program is divided into two modules, separating and protecting the room module from the more public and social area of the residence.

For this reason, the living and leisure space was located in the center of the house and the other spaces are organized around, thus remaining the garages and the service in front of the house, leaving the main social area with a view of the lake and golf course.

The two main volumes are connected by a transparent corridor fed by internal patios.

Regarding coatings, the option was to seek the uniformity of the materials. The same white textured paint covers the entire house, contrasting with a dark porcelain tile coating.

Among the most prominent difficulties that arose in the design process was complying with the pre-existing language and regulations that govern Buenaventura, as well as finding a balance between modernity and the language of the firm with the colonial style of Buenaventura was a good challenge.

“First concept, then design.”

Teofilo Tarazi