Architecture / Commercial and Corporate

The objective of the project was to achieve a redesign of the useful areas and convert them into commercial spaces and new office typologies. The original project was designed in 1970 as an urban residential building, with semi-detached houses on two levels. This residential use was maintained in its first reform at the end of that same decade, and later in more recent years it was modified for office use.

The main strategy was to maintain the existing main structure and combine it with a series of façade elements that together are projected as a totally new building. Using one of the most important sustainability principles, this project was developed on an already developed urban plot, making it an efficient construction due to accessibility to previously existing services. The project is distributed in front of the main façade towards 54th Street and a side façade that opens towards the parking lots, respecting at the same time the existence of important trees from the previous interventions.

Great architecture is timeless. It should feel right as soon as you see it.

David Bettis