Interior Design / Luxury Living

Residential project of 1120m2, 840m2 inside and 280m2 outside. A design concept was worked on for the common and social areas of the project.

The building has a classic design which is to be modernized by simplifying the ceilings, removing some moldings, and simplifying the design of the railings.

Keeping the classic but simple design, it is intended to make more efficient use of spaces through the use of furniture with modern design.

We want to highlight the integration of the exterior with the interior through the use of vegetation on the perimeter of the Lobby, which has a glass enclosure that allows integration with the interior space.

The challenge of this project is to achieve the integration of the classic with the modern without clashing both styles.

“Tailored living breathes life into your home. It should resonate with your emotions, delight your senses, and embrace both functionality and beauty, creating a haven for you and your family to enjoy.”

Teofilo Tarazi