Interior Design / Luxury Living

Residential beach project, consists of two duplex houses and one main house. A central área with a waterfall and a pool, a soccer field, playhouse and caretaker’s house.

The interior design concept is based on the use of materials and colors in a beige palette that generate a beach and relaxed look and feel but also elegant, combined with textures and furniture of different colors that together creates a harmony. Also the use of full length windows and the big height of the houses, creates spaces visually open and fresh.

One of the most interesting spaces in the project, it is the central area where a deck is surrounded by Guayacan trees, with a 6 meters tall waterfall, creating a shadow area to sit and enjoy the sound of the waterfall and the pool.

“Good architecture lasts over time. The spaces must be highly functional, versatile and adaptable to the needs of our clients.”

David Bettis