In every corner of the world, families are facing a radical change, progressively adapting to the new situations and challenges that this new reality has brought us. Motivated by the desire to bring a little joy home and extend the reach of the program “Designers of the Future”, we invited over 50 creative minds to collaborate in bringing a bit of art, culture, and fun to the entire family.

An ebook with the goal of inspiring and stimulating the imagination of each one of you. We want to thank each of the artists, designers, architects, musicians, dancers, and educators for focusing their energy and dedicating part of their time to bring this educational compilation to you through art and design.

“Children do not play to learn,
but they learn because they play.”

Jean Piaget

Created with much love, we invite you to use this educational guide with your family, where you will find numerous ways to explore your creativity from the comfort of your homes.

The cover is yours. Your book, your rules! See it as a blank canvas for you to pour onto it a work of art signed by the greatest artist of all: Yourself!