Diseñadores del Futuro 2023

For 2023 we gave a twist to the third edition of “Diseñadores del futuro”. On this occasion, in alliance with various schools in the country, we launched an innovative program that we have called: “Espacios Soñados”, which consists of a series of design sessions where students work together with our architects to create a space dreamed within their schools.

We want to feed children’s creativity. By doing so, we are sowing the seed of a future where every child can be the architect of her own dreams. “Espacios Soñados” is an initiative that transcends architecture and design and immerses itself in the hearts of young people. A program designed to spark the imagination, inspire creativity and turn dreams into reality.

Working hand in hand with these young people, seeing how they conceptualize, design and finally present their projects, the result was surprising. Students have brought their dreams to life through innovative designs and creative solutions to improve their school environment.

Beyond the architectural lines, this initiative highlights the importance of providing opportunities to our youth. By opening their minds to new possibilities, we are sowing the seeds of the future.

 “Espacios Soñados” is not just a design project; It is an investment in the next generation, transforming dreams into reality.