Diseñadores del Futuro

Our mission is to ignite the creative spark in children, planting seeds for a future where every child is empowered to architect their own dreams.
‘Diseñadores del futuro’, established in 2019, is our heartfelt initiative dedicated to making a lasting, positive impact on young lives through the world of architecture and design. This program is our way of contributing to society, fostering a sense of wonder, curiosity, and creative thinking from an early age. We believe in nurturing young minds to build a brighter, more imaginative tomorrow.


ESPACIOS SOÑADOS is a program that seeks to inspire, motivate and enhance learning in young people from different schools. Through collaboration between students and experts in architecture and interior design, the project aims to reimagine learning spaces and provide a unique opportunity to learn about design.


“Los niños no juegan para aprender pero aprenden porque juegan” As part of the program, in 2020 their philosophy of collaboration vs competition led them to put together and launch a book of educational activities carried out together with more than 30 architects, artists and designers focused on awakening creativity at an early age.


In 2019 we promoted a social responsibility program focused on awakening creativity from an early age. After twenty years of professional practice, we reflect on our technical and social responsibility as architects. With the intention of fostering interest in creativity from childhood, we created ‘Diseñadores del Futuro’, a program that contributes to the comprehensive development of children and young people through architecture, design and engineering.

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